QR Timer

The qrTimer allows you to create, launch and share timer definitions over your phone. Using the camera you can scan barcodes and QR codes or scan NFC Tags and launch timers directly.
You can build your timer any time online and share it with others. Assign a timer to a product and launch it any time you have the product in your hand. With QR codes you can even print your own timer definitions and place them where you need them: on your recipe for example!

Build your own QR Timer

Product Barcodes

Scan a product and launch a corresponding Timer, e.g. for you favorite frozen pizza.

Anytime QR Code™

Create a Timer on a QR code and launch it anywhere and anytime.

NFC Tags

Touch a NFC tag and the timer starts immediately...


Latest News

  • 17.05.2011

    Android Version 1.1 with multi step and multi process available.
  • 18.04.2011

    Android Version of the qrTimer App is available online.
  • 08.04.2011

    iPhone Version is in the making.

Download qrTimer for Android™

The qrTimer App can manage unlimited timers. There are already some timer definitions for known products available, but you can create and share your own timer online.
And if you own an NFC device then you read and write timer definitions on NFC tags.

Android App download

qrTimer for Android