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qrTimer is an innovative and unique application which allows you to place timer definitions on various items and places. Imagine: a relative timing information, which lets you start a countdown from the moment on you scan the timer. Anywhere and any time, completely offline. As a QR code to be printed or sticked down onto something. As a NFC Tag for contactless and convenient reading and writing. And as a EAN/UPC barcode to be shared with the community. This is the qrTimer!

The EAN/UPC barcode is really simple. Just scan a product and the qrTimer will suggest an assigned time as countdown. This is great for example for frozen pizza: scan the barcode on the package and you get a timer for the baking time on your mobile. qrTimer will remember all your barcodes and the assigned timer definitions for easy access from the history. Try this out.
The QR code is a little bit more advanced. Here you can store all the settings directly in the QR code. This way the QR code is an independent solution and can be read by anybody with a qrTimer App, even without an Internet connection. This is great for example for books and magazines with recipes. There it can be printed without any additional cost and can be scanned with you mobile device.
If you want to share a timer with your friends the QR code is an optimal solution.
NFC tags are the ultimate level of the qrTimer when it comes to convenience. They can be read within seconds from a short distance. And thanks to the Autorun Feature of the qrTimer you can start the timer from the moment on you scan the NFC tag. This is a new comfort for the user.
At the moment only the Nexus S is supported. Lookout for NFC support on your next mobile phone!


Here are some screenshots from the Android App:

On the start screen you can scan a QR Timer using the camera or you can go online and build a new one. Using the "Menu" Button you can access the settings. Using the "Search" button you can also activate the camera scan.
On this screen you can adjust the timer. Some timers will offer you a range, others a fixed to specific time. Touch "Start" if you are ready.
Some timer have several steps. Tap on the process label to change the current step.
Other timer can contain several groups. Please select a timer which fits you best.
This screen shows you all the running timers and the target time when they trigger the alarm. Touch an entry and you will see the remaining time. Here you can also stop the timer if you want.
The history tab shows you all the timers that you have used before. You can launch a timer from here without having to scan anything. A small letter M shows you timer with multiple processes and an A indicates an autorun timer.
On the countdown screen you can see the remaining time until the alarm will be triggered. You can stop the timer at any time. If a timer has several steps you can skip to the next step.
Once the time is up, the alarm screen is triggered. Here you can launch the timer again or move to the next step of a multi-step timer.
The context menu in the history view allows you to configure a timer.
You can change several settings of the qrTimer in the preferences menu.
On the history tab you can write timer definitions to NFC tags. Just open the context menu by touching an item. There you will find an action item "Write NFC tag". Please note, that this entry only appears on mobile phones with NFC support.
Now simply touch the NFC tag for a few seconds. You will see a short confirm message after the writing was successful.

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